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TopTeo aims to secure all exchanges between Benin and France with regard to the Beninese diaspora in this case. We plan to bring proximity between the French market and Beninese customers in both countries.

The Republic of Benin is a country in West Africa which offers a market of nearly 13 million inhabitants. This is a booming market and governments have been creating a climate of security there since 1990. Since 2016, the regime in place has carried out several actions aimed at allowing access to this market through its policy favorable to foreign players.

Metropolitan France has a market of more than 65 million inhabitants and Benin has maintained very close ties with the Republic of France for many years as well as with several other European countries.

TopTeo Relay is a boon to diversify your existing clientele or to launch your business. Indeed, the whole of these two populations constitutes a huge market where we designate ourselves as the intermediary to facilitate accessibility.

Register and access all our services.

Find the nearest drop-off/pick-up point based on your position.

Have it picked up and/or delivered according to all your requirements.

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Support and management of all administrative formalities.

Security, Traceability guaranteed for each of your shipments.


We rely on our experience in the management of sensitive products around the world and on our two partners who are:

Top Chrono

Specialist in express delivery since 1995 and present in Benin, Togo, Niger and Ivory Coast, this partner company offers collection and delivery services of documents and/or parcels for home delivery.



Result of the merger of two giants of international freight transport in the world (TNT and Fedex), this integrator will bring us closer to you regardless of your location in metropolitan France.


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