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TopTeo Relay offers a service for sending and receiving all your packages and documents between African countries and Europe, customs procedures included in our traceable transport services from your connected interface.

  • Are you a fan of new arrivals from Europe?
  • Do you have an invaluable gift to send safely to Bohicon (central Benin)?
  • Do you have local products to export to France from Africa reliably?

TopTeo Relay puts its network and management of international transport flows at your service to solve all your needs related to:


the confidentiality and security of your products to be transported to customs procedures and the follow-up of your shipments, from the request for a quote to delivery.

Each of your needs being unique, TopTeo Relay offers you adjustable services for your unique satisfaction.

For more details, your contacts are waiting for you at +33 04 28 00 17 89 et à support@jiscomputing.com


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